The Deployment Monitoring Console (DMC) uses keycloak to identify an administrative user and to set up integration with an authentication service.

Access keycloak

Navigate to the Administration section in the left navigation and click on Keycloak. The initial credentials are:

  • Username: keycloak-admin
  • Password: datical

These credentials must be changed immediately upon first log in. Once logged in, you can see a Datical home area.

Tip: For more information on keycloak, check out their documentation here:

How do I access keycloak if I get locked out of the DMC?

If you are locked out of the DMC:

  1. Login to https:<hostname>/auth.
  2. Enter the following username and password:
    1. Username: keycloak-admin
    2. Password: datical

Note: datical is the default password. If you have logged into keycloak before, and were prompted to change your password, please use the new one you created.

Keycloak administration topics

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